New pic of baby Zayn with his family! (x)


New pic of baby Zayn with his family! (x)


Tyler Posey getting dunked on Ellen for breast cancer

Ladies rule the word meme [1/5] singers: Ariana Grande.

I’ve been singing for my whole life. I was a singer way before I was ever an actress but I’m so thankful to have the opportunities to do both. I love acting and I love singing! I hope to be doing both forever.”

“He’s my best mate, I’ve got to look out for him.”
— Liam Payne about Zayn Malik (via zaynfuckspayne)


When a yawn turns beautiful 

steal my girl; five days to go

reblog in the tags with your least fave 1d ship
One direction poops


Louis- diarrhea
Zayn- perfect form, no splash, makes you feel great
Liam- constipation
Harry- smelly poops, tiny little turds
Niall- loud, farty poops that make the stall over laugh


when is sophia gonna release a self help book on how to get a rich boy whipped